There are three ways to sell popcorn to raise money for Pack 104:

  1. Sell online by sending your custom popcorn link to friends and family. They will place the orders themselves and the popcorn will be delivered directly to them. This is called “online direct.”
  2. Sell in person by taking physical products to your friends and neighbors and giving your “would you help support my Scouting activities?” sales pitch. Because you often take the products with you in a wagon, this is called “wagon sales.”
  3. Sell in person at a table outside a business. Rather than take your products from door to door, you set them up on a table and display a large “Trail’s End” popcorn sales banner. This is called “show and sell.”

Reasons to Promote your Scout’s Popcorn Sales

  • Benefits for Scouts:
    • Over 73% of purchase price supports local Scouts.
    • Personal growth program with direct correlations to rank advancement
    • Earn Amazon gift cards
  • Scouts Learn:
    • How to earn their own way in Scouting
    • Public speaking and math skills
    • How to be part of something bigger
    • Points of the Scout Law
    • How to help others around them
    • The value of hard work
    • To develop lifelong skills
  • Scouts Can:
    • Become decision makers
    • Learn money management
    • Become goal setters
    • Develop business ethics
    • Become future entrepreneurs
    • Learn people skills
  • Popcorn sales help pay for:
    • Trail’s End rewards for Scouts
    • Campouts, camp upkeep, and adventures
    • Patches and awards
    • Registering qualified adult volunteers
    • Annual dues and recharter fees
    • Pack and den supplies and equipment
    • Lifelong memories

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Online Direct

This is the easiest way to sell popcorn—just spend a few minutes to customize your popcorn sales page with a photo and a few sentences about yourself and then send your custom link to your personal online popcorn store.

Benefits of Online Direct sales:

  • Safe for Scouts—they can fundraise from the safety of home
  • Product variety—popcorn, chocolate, and coffee available
  • No handling—products ship directly to your customers
  • Trail’s End rewards—earn Amazon.com gift cards in time for the holidays
  • Free credit card processing
  • Free shipping on orders over $55

Follow these steps to participate in Online Direct fundraising with Trail’s End popcorn:

  1. Download the Trails End app to your phone.
  2. Register your Scout (if new to Trails End) or Sign in. Follow the prompts in the app, type in the requested information, and be sure to check your email to finish registration.
  3. Click the link provided in the email to complete registration:
    1. Parent Information
    2. Scout Information
    3. Create Login (may have to refresh the page)
    4. Unit Selection (Council: Golden Gate Area Council; District: Herms; Unit: Pack 104)
  4. Once you’re signed into the app, in the menu go to Online Direct and then Manage Page.
  5. Upload a photo of your Scout smiling, preferably in their Class A uniform.
  6. Paste Scout sales pitch into the About Me section (400 character limit).
  7. Select your Favorite Product.
  8. Share your Scout’s fundraising page from the app through email, text messages, and/or social media.

Wagon Sales

This is the most profitable way to sell popcorn—you can sell $200 of popcorn (or more) per hour to homes in your neighborhood. There are two ways to do Wagon Sales:

  1. “Take Order”—Each Scout collect orders in the app and delivers on-hand product or marks products as “undelivered” to be delivered at a later date. This can be taken through neighborhoods, to parents’ co-workers, friends, and family. It is at the unit’s discretion whether money is collected up front or upon delivery, but the Trail’s End App only tracks paid orders.
  2. Door-to-door with product—Involves the Scout bringing product door-to-door to customer residences to ask for support. This method is preferred for neighborhoods close to home. A large percentage of home-owners say that no one has ever come to their door, missing this great opportunity. Product is carried along in a wagon or vehicle, making it a quick and easy process for the customer.

If you’re interested in wagon sales, email Michael Black so that he can arrange to get product to you to sell. Be sure that your Trail’s End account has been set up, so that the product can be assigned to you. Note that it takes up to 11 days to receive product from Council, so it’s best to let Michael know as far in advance as possible.

Show and Sell (aka Storefront Sales)

This method takes a bit more upfront planning and coordinating with our District and Council Popcorn Kernels, but could be a great way to work together with other Scouts and split the results of your work among the Scouts who worked at a location.

Show and Sell involves coordinating booths in high foot traffic locations throughout your community. Locations have to be pre-approved by Council with a written application, so this method is best planned well in advance (ideally starting in May) to reserve the best locations. It is best practice to have ONE child and ONE parent at each shift to cover more shifts during the course of the sale.

If you’re interested in being part of a Show and Sell shift, email Michael Black with your proposed day(s), hours, and location(s).

Trail’s End rewards (aka Amazon gift cards)

Scouts can spend their gift cards on whatever they like—it need not be related to Scouting. Rewards are based on points—1 point for each $1 cash sale, or 1.5 points for each $1 credit/debit/online direct sale. For instance, if your Scout sells $100 of popcorn with Online Direct, they will earn 150 points. Scouts must earn a minimum of 500 points to quality for an Amazon gift card.

Points Gift card Level
500 $10 3.0%
750 $20 4.0%
1,000 $30 4.5%
1,250 $40 4.8%
1,500 $50 5.0%
1,750 $60 5.1%
2,000 $70 5.3%
2,500 $100 6.0%
3,000 $150 7.5%
3,500 $200 8.6%
4,000 $250 9.4%
5,000 $350 10.5%
6,000 $450 11.3%
7,500 $550 11.0%
10,000 $750 11.3%
12,500 $1000 12.0%
15,000 $1250 12.5%
17,500 10% of points 15.0%