Scout uniforms

“Wearing the Uniform” is one of the seven methods of Cub Scouting. The Cub Scout uniform helps build pride, loyalty, and self-respect. Wearing the uniform to all den and pack meetings and activities also encourages a neat appearance, a sense of belonging, and good behavior. The uniform helps to create a sense of belonging and it serves as a way for Scouts to demonstrate their accomplishments. The uniform aids in character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. Wearing a uniform gives youth and adult members a sense of identification and commitment.

Pack 104 Uniform Policy & Guidelines

All Cub Scouts in Pack 104 should have a uniform and wear it to our pack meetings and most formal and public events. The official uniform (or field uniform) is often called the “Class A” uniform. Pack 104 issues all new scouts a pack T-shirt (our activity uniform or “Class B” uniform). We will let you know which uniform to wear for various activities. Note that the Boy Scouts of America is a non-political organization chartered by Congress and the uniform should never be worn to political events or gatherings.

Pack 104’s Uniform:
  • Lion Cubs wear just the Lion hat, T-shirt, neckerchief and slide
  • Tiger Cubs, Wolf Cubs, and Bear Cubs wear the standard Cub Scout blue uniform
  • Webelos & AOL Scouts have the option of wearing the tan Scouts BSA or blue Cub Scout uniform
Required Uniform items
  1. official Scout handbook (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos as appropriate)
  2. official long- or short-sleeve shirt (blue except Webelos who can pick blue or tan, and Lions who have their own special T-shirt)
  3. official web beltandbuckle (Tiger Cub, Cub, or Webelos). This will be a belt you cut to size. Be sure to leave plenty of tail on the belt to accommodate future growth of your Scout over the next few years.
  4. official neckerchief (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos)
  5. official neckerchief slide (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos) (note the pack provides this in June for the following year, but only for Scouts who are in the pack at that time)
  6. official cap (Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos)
  7. official Insignia (all ranks except for Lions)
    – “Golden Gate Area Council” shoulder patch (the local scout shop may sell this pre-sewn on the shirt for you)
    – “60 year” veteran unit insignia bar (goes between the Council patch and 104 numbers)

    – “1“, “0“, and “4” red unit numerals
    – Den # strip or patrol patch (ask your Den Leader)
    – World Crest Emblem (purple fleur-de-lis patch – note there are optional rings you can buy to go around it)
    – Webelos Colors shoulder ribbon tassel (for Webelos only)
  8. official blue shoulder loops (for tan Webelos uniform shirt only)
Optional items (our pack recommends the uniform pants & socks but Scouts have the option of wearing neat and clean dark blue slacks in place of the official pants)
  • official Switchback pants or shorts (blue, except Webelos who can pick blue or Boy Scout green)
  • official socks – ankle, crew or knee (blue and yellow, except Webelos who can pick blue or Scouts BSA green)

Where and how to attach the insignia

The insignia can be sewn on by hand or with a sewing machine, or they can be adhered with a permanent double-sided membrane called “Badge Magic” (sold at Scout Shops). The Scout Shops often offer sewing services for badges—the cost at the Pleasant Hill Scout Shop is $4 per batch or patch, and you’ll need to leave the uniform with the Shop for a few days. While Cub Scout patches often have a waxy back surface, they are not intended to be ironed on.

Cub Scout Insignia guide with more detailed instructions
Uniform Inspection Sheet (PDF) we typically have a uniform inspection once per year.

Where to buy:
Be sure to first talk to your Den Leader before purchasing to be sure you’ve got the correct den number and/or patrol patch. You can purchase uniforms at:
Pleasant Hill Scout Shop, 800 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill, tel 925-674-8500
Marin Council Trading Post, 225 West End Avenue, San Rafael, tel 415-454-1081
McCaulou’s Dept Store, 2020 Mountain Blvd, Oakland, tel 510-339-2210

or online at Note that as of Fall 2021, shipping times from are close to two weeks, plus you don’t get the chance to try on uniform pieces for size (or get personalized service from the Scout Shop manager).

    • The Pleasant Hill Scout Shop at the Ellinwood location is anticipated to permanently close in November 2021, although a new Scout Shop or Trading Post is planned to open in Pleasant Hill at a currently unannounced location and date.
    • The Marin Trading Post will remain open during this time, but they do not carry Golden Gate Area Council shoulder patches (try to buy a uniform without a shoulder patch so that you won’t have to remove the Marin Council shoulder patch)
    • A Golden Gate Area Council Trading Post will be opening soon (hopefully Fall 2021) at 1714 Everett Street, Alameda (tel 510-522-2772).
    • McCaulou’s sells just the uniform pieces, but not patches and insignia.
Alternative to purchasing:
Pack 104 maintains a “uniform bank” of experienced and gently used uniform pieces that you are welcome to make use of. Contact Sara Campbell to ask about the availability of uniforms in the Pack 104 uniform bank.