Pack 104 Hike up Flag Hill | October 9

Pack 104 Webelo den is organizing a moderately strenuous pack hike in the Sunol Regional Wilderness in California. The hike consists of a 3.9 mile loop trail and boasts a short, steep climb up Flag Hill with 994 feet of elevation gain and promises grand scenery, and features wildflowers.

Hike Statistics
Starting point: Visitor center / parking lot Distance: 3.5
Time: Allow about 3 hours
Grade: Moderate
Suggested age: Bears, Webelos

Suggested Season: Fall, spring, summer.

Hike Description
Begin this hike by crossing Alameda Creek on the footbridge near park headquarters. Turn left (downstream). After a short distance, Flag Hill Trial will take off uphill, to the right. The trail zigzags up the face of the hill (make sure your hikers understand why it’s important not to shortcut switchbacks). After about a mile of rather steep uphill hiking, you’ll reach the top where you’ll probably want to take a good snack or lunch break. While on top, watch for red-tailed hawks (the red upper surface of the tail is visible when the hawk turns), turkey vultures (which hold their wings in a slight “V” and teeter in flight), and maybe even a golden eagle or falcon.
Continue your hike by dropping down the back side of Flag Hill, turning right when you reach High Valley Road. Return to the cars by way of Hayfield Road.

Hike Details

9:00 am–12:00 pm. We’ll hike clockwise along the Flag Hill Loop Trail in the Sunol Regional Wilderness. Bring lots of water and sun protection. Parking is $5.

If your Scout is a new hiker or might struggle with uphill portions, you might consider sitting this hike out, as this hike is rated “moderate” and there are a couple of uphill sections.

Trail map:

If you and your scout/family are interested in attending, please RSVP via Scoutbook.

Important Reminders:

  • Uniform for the hike is the Pack’s Blue Activity T-shirt.
  • Please check the weather forecast the day of the hike and dress accordingly.
  • You may wish to bring a change of clothing, especially socks and pants. It’s not uncommon that kids end up playing in the water a bit and get a bit sandy and wet.
  • You may considering bringing a towel/blanket so you have a place to sit when you arrive on the sand.
  • LUNCH WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. Some families may want to pack lunch or snacks to eat along the way.
  • Wear comfortable, well-worn-in shoes to avoid your Cub coming home with blisters. We want this to be a good experience and memory.
  • An adult must accompany your Scout. If you are watching your own Scout, you may watch 4 Cub Scouts or other children. The golden rule is no more than 5 kids per adult on any outing. Please make sure that your Scout has an adult to supervise them on the hike if you are not able to go with them. DO NOT ASSUME YOUR DEN LEADER WILL BE THERE TO DO IT!
  • At least one adult leader should take the lead ahead of and tail behind the Scouts. It is suggested that the slower Cub Scouts go first so that everyone stays together and no one is left behind.
  • Leave No Trace. Prepare to carry out any garbage or recyclables, as there may not be receptacles along the trail.