Burning rubber & shredded wood – The PWD is back!!!!!

Listen up Motorheards!  Its time to test your skill and nerve in the annual PineWood Derby. Many enter, and some are lucky enough to not leave in an ambulance. Race for pink slips. Race for Glory, but always race by the rules.

And they are summarized here:


  • Only one car may be registered per Scout.
  • Building of the car must have begun during the current Scouting year.
  • The car must be registered, pass inspection and impounded before the registration deadline to be eligible to compete. No further modification or lubrication of the car is allowed after impounding.

Car specifications

  • Width: 2.75″ or less (including the wheels)
  • Length: 7.00″ or less
  • Height: 4.00″ or less (including all trim items)
  • Under car clearance: 0.375” (3/8”) or more
  • Inside wheel-to-wheel clearance: 1.75” or more
  • Axle-to-axle spacing: 4.40″ +/– 0.125″
  • Car weight: 5.00 ounces or less

Building of cars

  • ALL work (including improvements to wheels, axles, and car body) must be done by the Scout and the parent (Akela). The intent is to have the Scout HAVE FUN and build as much of the car as reasonably and safely as possible. The use of pre-shaped car bodies, machined wheels or axles acquired from the Internet or other sources is NOT allowed.


  • Axles, wheels and body MUST be from the materials provided in the official BSA Pinewood Derby Car Kit or official BSA replacement components.  Revell, Pinecar, or any other aftermarket parts   that are not of the exact type included in the original kit are NOT allowed.
  • Additional trim items are allowed as long as total weight and size don’t exceed the maximums.
  • No loose materials (weights, characters or trim) are permitted. Weights must not move.

Wheels and axles

  • Axle nails must be securely mounted into the wood of the car body such that at least three wheels will sit flat, with full tread contact, when set on a flat surface. Axle treatment is allowed (i.e. deburring/ polishing).
  • Wheel treatment (hub and tread smoothing and polishing) may not result in substantial removal of mass or in substantial reduction of the wheel width or diameter from the original kit wheels.
  • Wheel hub caps, washers, inserts, sleeves, bushings, and bearings are NOT permitted.
  • The car may not ride on springs or other suspension.

Gravity powered

  • The car must be powered ONLY by gravity.


  • Only dry lubricants are allowed. Lubricants may not foul the track.

If you are a real rule nerd, download this dock!

Pinewood Derby Official Rules

and remember kids, rules are for squares!!

Balclutha Overnight







From the Maritime museum website:

“Avast, me hearties! Spend a night going back in time and experiencing first-hand what it was like to work and sleep aboard a permanently moored turn-of-the-century tall ship. Celebrate San Francisco’s maritime heritage and travel back to the “Age of Sail”. Try your hand at one of the traditional maritime tasks such as raising a sail, swabbing the deck, rowing a longboat, or riding a bosun’s chair into the rigging; or have fun on a scavenger hunt!”

  • Age: Must be 6 years and older
  • Days: Saturday Saturday, 12/9/2017
  • Length: Approx 13 hours
  • Time: 7:30pm to 8:00am
  • Group Size: 25 to 35 participants
  • It is 1 parent to 1 scout ratio
  • Cost is $35/person
  • $6 extra for patch

You can pay with cash, check, or PayPal @ http://paypal.me/ecpack104

Summer 2017 Schedule – New to Scouting; come check us out

Pack 104 2017 Summer Schedule


Nerf Games III: Knot Again  

June 3rd 10 am Cerrito Vista Park.  Please bring a Nerf N-Strike Elite.  We will provide the darts, please don’t bring any.  Boys, Girls, and Siblings all welcome.  There will be information about Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.  Kids will have the opportunity to learn knots, and will also get to test their skill will their Nerf toys.  Please Contact RJ Lane for more details rjjob@hotmail.com

MDSC Highlander Hike: Fages  

June 17th 9 am Camp Herms.  Join Pack 104 for our the Mount Diablo Silverado Council Highlander Hiking Patch Series. Please meet at Camp Herms Lodge and be ready for a 3.3 mile hike.  You will need to bring all the water you need for the hike.  The hike will end in Tilden Park at Indian Camp near the Little Farm, where we will have a picnic lunch.

– Please Contact James Duerr at james.duerr@gmail.com to RSVP.  We will need to coordinate in order to have rides for everyone.  We will need some parents to drop off at Camp Herms then pick up at Indian Camp and some on the trail.
Camp Herms Day Camp

June 26th-30th 830 am to 3 pm. Campers join other Scouts and siblings from all over the Bay Area at Camp Herms for Day Camp.  Please register at http://www.mdscbsa.org/events/herms-day-camp-2017/

4th of July Celebration

July 4th 11 am to 3 pm. Pack 104 will be at the El Cerrito 4th of July Celebration promoting Scouting and helping run Carnival games with Troop 104.  

Pack 104 Swim Night
July 21st 530 pm.  Scouts will get the opportunity to take the BSA Swim Test, talk with a Lifeguard about water safety, and have fun swimming during the Family Swim at the El Cerrito Pool..


Crab Fishing

August 5th 10am – 1 pm.  We will meet at the Pier near Fort Baker. No need for a fishing licence or gear.  Just bring a lunch and wear layers.  There is plenty of hiking around the area and a formal hike will be organized.
Camp Herms Cleanup

August 20th 9am – 12 pm.  The Pack will do a service project at Camp Herms.  Please bring work gloves.  All other tools will be provided.  There will be Bagels and Coffee.  


Please Contact Cub Master Sherry Saeteurn at ecpack104cm@gmail.com or Committee Chair Lon Addison at pack104committeechair@gmail.com for any questions about joining Pack 104.  For questions about joining Girls Scouts, please contact Liz Zerby at lzerby@girlscoutsnorcal.org

Nerf Games III: Knot Again!

  • Who? Everyone!
  • What? At each station we will be learning knots before testing our Nerf Skills
  • When? Saturday June 3rd at 10 AM till 12 PM
  • Where? Cerrito Vista Park. Up near the BBQ’s or on the field, which ever is available.
  • Why? To share the fun of Scouting with the Youth of El Cerrito!

Please bring a Nerf N Strike Elite (or compatible) toy.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY DARTS!!!  We will provide everything but the Nerf Toys.  All youth must be accompanied by an adult to participate.  


Mandatory Annual Planning Mtg, May 15th

Dear Parents (or Akelas in Cub Scout lingo) of Pack 104,

As the school year winds down it is time to make plans for the Pack’s program in the 2017-18 academic year.
We will hold our annual program planning meeting this month, on Monday May 15th (not the 22nd due to a conflict for Madera parents).  It is the day after Mother’s Day to make it easy to remember…
Monday, May 15
Harding MPR Room (where we have our Pack mtgs)
6:30pm to 8:30 or 9
We need one representative from every family to come to help us plan and also to vote on key issues moving forward.
    1) Participation
Unlike many Scout Troops and Packs who are sponsored by a community, religious, or service organization, etc., Pack 104 has always been independent and self-supporting, with the “Friends of Pack 104” serving as our legal chartering organization for over 50 years.  This is a benefit, and a burden, as it means we are free of the issues of a bigger organization, but also responsible for all of our planning and operations.  Scouting works best and when families are active participants with their sons, and given our rich program, we really need everyone’s help. After several years of discussion, and as the Pack membership has flourished, the Committee has decided to vote at the next mtg on a plan to move to a “pay or participate” program model.
We have enough jobs, from the big (ie Cubmaster, Den Leader,…) to the smaller (planning an activity, managing T-shirts, …) that there is a role for everyone.  We would like to have every family take a role, but if they can’t, we will have the option of opting out for a participation fee.  Rather than the complexity of recording hours and collecting funds to be held in escrow as some local organizations do, the proposal is to keep this simple.  This item will be voted on at the May meeting, and a list of roles is being prepared and will be available to choose from.  We are also legally responsible for voting on our uniformed leadership and can do so for any new roles at the meeting.
    2) 2017-18 Program
This is your chance to help set our calendar and activities.  Some have told me they like certain activities, don’t like other ones, etc. — this is your chance to change and improve them.  Everything is on the table, from time and frequency of Pack mtgs to weekend hikes, campouts, museum tours, etc.  Please come prepared with your calendar and ideas/details for fun/favorite things the Pack could do.  Attached is a planning calendar to jot down ideas on and bring to the meeting.  I have put in the WCCUSD calendar, holidays, etc to help.  And John Bowen and others have helped with ideas for overnights, etc.

3) Any other items you want to bring up.

Most parent meetings are optional, but for this one, we need one representative from every family present — as parents you are members of the “Friends of Pack 104” and thus entitled to vote on all issues.  If you cannot make it, please email (just to me, not the group) and we can work out a family job, etc.
Lon Addison
Committee Chair
Pack 104, Herms District, Mt. Diablo Council, Boy Scouts of America

CAKES!!!! …our Blue & Gold Dinner Cake Auction

Cakes! Everyone loves them and the world could use more cakes. And now you can do your part. Pack 104 is having a bake off. Bake and decorate a cake and bring it to the Blue and Gold dinner. Pack 104 will auction your cake and proceeds will help fund our Pack. Get Crazy with the decorations. Make it big. Make it small. Make a cake!

Promotional hand out photo of a cake shaped like a unicorn by Brian Stevens of Crazy Cakes. CREDIT: Brian Stevens/ CRAZY CAKES. Received 11/01/10 for 1103crazycakes.