CAKES!!!! …our Blue & Gold Dinner Cake Auction

Cakes! Everyone loves them and the world could use more cakes. And now you can do your part. Pack 104 is having a bake off. Bake and decorate a cake and bring it to the Blue and Gold dinner. Pack 104 will auction your cake and proceeds will help fund our Pack. Get Crazy with the decorations. Make it big. Make it small. Make a cake!

Promotional hand out photo of a cake shaped like a unicorn by Brian Stevens of Crazy Cakes. CREDIT: Brian Stevens/ CRAZY CAKES. Received 11/01/10 for 1103crazycakes.

Pinewood Derby workshops

Hello Scouts and parents:

To prepare for the PWD, Pack 104 will be holding workshops at the craft shack at Camp Hermes. They will be held on the dates listed below from 6:00pm to 8:00pm We will be providing tools for the scouts to work on the cars that they have designed. Scouts will require a parent or guardian to be present as we will be working with some power tools


Febuary 13 workshop

Febuary 15 workshop

Febuary 27 workshop

March 01   tune-up and weigh-in