Pack 104 Swim Day in Pinole | July 25, 2021

On Sunday July 25th, Pack 104 hosted a six-hour swim day at the Black Family Residence, located in Pinole.

There were a total of 12 families who participated in the event. The 18 scouts in attendance were working on the swimming-related portions of BSA Adventures

  • “Floats and Boats” for Tigers,
  • “Spirit of the Water” for Wolves,
  • “Salmon Run” for Bears, and
  • “Aquanaut” for Webelos/AOLs

The scouts and their siblings all had a great time.

Congratulations to all the scouts who successfully completed their adventures.

Thank you again to Michael Black and his family for hosting and coordinating this event for the pack!!

See gallery below for a few photos from the event


Pack 104 Tennessee Valley Hike to the Beach

On Saturday, July 10th, the pack completed a Tennessee Valley Hike to the Beach, in Mill Valley, California. 
The hike began at the parking lot and the scouts and families hiked to the beach, staying there for about 30 minutes to eat lunch.
The total mileage was close to 5 miles round trip. It was an overcast day, but the hike was quite beautiful, and well attended by some of the newer pack members.

July 25 | Pack 104 Swim Day … RSVP’s required now!

The Pack 104 Swim Day is coming up on July 25th. We’re planning on having the Scouts and their families come in age-specific 2-hour windows. The tentative schedule is as follows:
* 10:00–12:00…..Lions and Tigers
* 12:00–2:00…….Wolves and Bears
* 2:00–4:00………Webelos and AOLs

Michael Black is organizing and hosting this year’s event, in his backyard in Pinole as the El Cerrito Swim Center is still in the midst of a staged reopening.

Stay tuned for more details.

Right now what we need to hear from you is whether your Scout(s) will be attending. We will need the names of all people attending, including accompanying adults and siblings.

All Scouts will need to have an accompanying adult present at the event, and Lions and Tigers will need a dedicated adult to closely supervise them and accompany them in the water.

John Bowen will be conducting BSA swimming tests for the Scouts, and then we’ll be working on the swimming-related portions of Adventures (“Floats and Boats” for Tigers, “Spirit of the Water” for Wolves, “Salmon Run” for Bears, and “Aquanaut” for Webelos/AOLs). After this, there’ll be plenty of time for the Scouts to just have fun in the pool. Looking forward to seeing you all there!!

Other Upcoming Pack 104 Events: 

Jul 10 – Tennessee Valley Hike to the Beach 10am@ 701 Tennessee Valley Rd, Mill Valley, CA 94941
Jul 12 – July Pack 104 Parents and Committee meeting 7:30pm @ Zoom