Pack 104 Swim Day in Pinole | July 25, 2021

On Sunday July 25th, Pack 104 hosted a six-hour swim day at the Black Family Residence, located in Pinole.

There were a total of 12 families who participated in the event. The 18 scouts in attendance were working on the swimming-related portions of BSA Adventures

  • “Floats and Boats” for Tigers,
  • “Spirit of the Water” for Wolves,
  • “Salmon Run” for Bears, and
  • “Aquanaut” for Webelos/AOLs

The scouts and their siblings all had a great time.

Congratulations to all the scouts who successfully completed their adventures.

Thank you again to Michael Black and his family for hosting and coordinating this event for the pack!!

See gallery below for a few photos from the event