Searching for Nemo… Finding Fun!

We recently went on a unique nighttime expedition in hopes of finding Nemo and Dory at the California Academy of Sciences.  While we didn’t find Dory, Nemo, or even Marlin, we did find other clownfish and blue tangs, as well as, starfish, jellyfish, rays, penguins, butterflies, moths, parrots, spiders, and even a huge albino alligator.  We also found a treasure trove of novel family memories at the Penguins and Pajamas sleepover.

Scout pack 104 participated in the “Penguins + Pajamas” program (, which included:

  • An overnight stay in one of the exhibit areas
  • Access to the Rainforest exhibit
  • Science themed programming
  • Planetarium showings
  • Late night snack and early morning breakfast next day
  • Overnight parking in the Music Concourse parking garage
  • Next day general admission to the Academy

A good scout needs to be prepared, and for this event we needed to be prepared to try to sleep on a cold concrete floor surrounded by hundreds of hyped up cubscouts and siblings.  Comfy bedding, sleep masks and earplugs are recommended.  Parents should also prepared to play all your normal roles, chauffeur, financier, waiter, valet, referee, and pack mule.

Here are some additional photos taken by Pack 104 parents during this fun & exciting adventure at Cal Academy of Science. It was such a unique and memorable experience.