Pack 104 Briones Archery and Hiking!

We would like to let you all know there is are opportunities for in person scouting on Oct 24th. There will be Archery 10am – 12pm and a Hike after lunch.

Event: Briones Archery and Hiking
Where: Camp Herms
When: Oct 24, 2020, 10am – 3pm (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time

No big surprise but COVID Protocols  will need to be in place in order to make this outing as safe as possible.

1. Please take everyone’s temperature before you leave your home. If anyone in your family has a temperature of 99.5 or higher you must not come to the event!
2. When you arrive, please check in and get screened. Do not allow your scout to join everyone until your family has checked in and been screened.
3. No Carpooling please (I hate to say this, but its the safest way right now)
4. Face masks must be worn at all times. If you are eating or drinking you may take it off. If you need air, please walk away from the group and get a breath of fresh air.
5. We must use hand sanitizer often and will need to observe social distancing as much as possible.
6. If anyone in your family feels ill (headache, soreness, upset stomach, congestion, fatigue or fever) please do not attend. If you anyone in your family has any of these symptoms within 2 weeks after the event, please contact me asap.

Make your way to the Bear Creek Staging Area.

We will be meeting at the Parking lot at 10 AM and will shoot until Lunch. Please pack lunch, snacks and a water bottle! There is nothing around for miles!

Bring $3 for parking and $5 per family for use of the range CASH!! They do not except cards and there is no ATM. Do not forget your Bow and Arrow. There will not be any for rent or use there. If you do not have a bow and arrow, please check these kits on Amazon

CenterPoint Archery ABY215 Sentinel Youth Recurve Bow, Right Hand

rootmemory Recurve Bow and Arrow

Getting these sets or something similar is appropriate for Cub Scout age kids. These are recurve bows similar to what we use at Camp Herms when we shoot there. Compound bows are not ideal for beginners. Please try to share as little as possible. If you do share, please sanitize equipment after each use.

For more information about the Archery in Briones please see the club website.

There will also be an opportunity for a hike. Boy Scouts from Troop 24 may be setting up an orienteering course. Cub Scouts will be able to go on that hike and find out more about what orienteering is. If they do not end up putting together the Orienteering Course, we will take a hike around the hills in Briones.

Please shoot me an email so that I know you are coming. The archery range is a long ways from the parking lot and the cell reception is spotty. If I do not know you are coming and you show up late you may have trouble joining the group.
Please RSVP for this event through Scoutbook

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