Nerf Games III: Knot Again!

  • Who? Everyone!
  • What? At each station we will be learning knots before testing our Nerf Skills
  • When? Saturday June 3rd at 10 AM till 12 PM
  • Where? Cerrito Vista Park. Up near the BBQ’s or on the field, which ever is available.
  • Why? To share the fun of Scouting with the Youth of El Cerrito!

Please bring a Nerf N Strike Elite (or compatible) toy.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY DARTS!!!  We will provide everything but the Nerf Toys.  All youth must be accompanied by an adult to participate.  


Mandatory Annual Planning Mtg, May 15th

Dear Parents (or Akelas in Cub Scout lingo) of Pack 104,

As the school year winds down it is time to make plans for the Pack’s program in the 2017-18 academic year.
We will hold our annual program planning meeting this month, on Monday May 15th (not the 22nd due to a conflict for Madera parents).  It is the day after Mother’s Day to make it easy to remember…
Monday, May 15
Harding MPR Room (where we have our Pack mtgs)
6:30pm to 8:30 or 9
We need one representative from every family to come to help us plan and also to vote on key issues moving forward.
    1) Participation
Unlike many Scout Troops and Packs who are sponsored by a community, religious, or service organization, etc., Pack 104 has always been independent and self-supporting, with the “Friends of Pack 104” serving as our legal chartering organization for over 50 years.  This is a benefit, and a burden, as it means we are free of the issues of a bigger organization, but also responsible for all of our planning and operations.  Scouting works best and when families are active participants with their sons, and given our rich program, we really need everyone’s help. After several years of discussion, and as the Pack membership has flourished, the Committee has decided to vote at the next mtg on a plan to move to a “pay or participate” program model.
We have enough jobs, from the big (ie Cubmaster, Den Leader,…) to the smaller (planning an activity, managing T-shirts, …) that there is a role for everyone.  We would like to have every family take a role, but if they can’t, we will have the option of opting out for a participation fee.  Rather than the complexity of recording hours and collecting funds to be held in escrow as some local organizations do, the proposal is to keep this simple.  This item will be voted on at the May meeting, and a list of roles is being prepared and will be available to choose from.  We are also legally responsible for voting on our uniformed leadership and can do so for any new roles at the meeting.
    2) 2017-18 Program
This is your chance to help set our calendar and activities.  Some have told me they like certain activities, don’t like other ones, etc. — this is your chance to change and improve them.  Everything is on the table, from time and frequency of Pack mtgs to weekend hikes, campouts, museum tours, etc.  Please come prepared with your calendar and ideas/details for fun/favorite things the Pack could do.  Attached is a planning calendar to jot down ideas on and bring to the meeting.  I have put in the WCCUSD calendar, holidays, etc to help.  And John Bowen and others have helped with ideas for overnights, etc.

3) Any other items you want to bring up.

Most parent meetings are optional, but for this one, we need one representative from every family present — as parents you are members of the “Friends of Pack 104” and thus entitled to vote on all issues.  If you cannot make it, please email (just to me, not the group) and we can work out a family job, etc.
Lon Addison
Committee Chair
Pack 104, Herms District, Mt. Diablo Council, Boy Scouts of America

CAKES!!!! …our Blue & Gold Dinner Cake Auction

Cakes! Everyone loves them and the world could use more cakes. And now you can do your part. Pack 104 is having a bake off. Bake and decorate a cake and bring it to the Blue and Gold dinner. Pack 104 will auction your cake and proceeds will help fund our Pack. Get Crazy with the decorations. Make it big. Make it small. Make a cake!

Promotional hand out photo of a cake shaped like a unicorn by Brian Stevens of Crazy Cakes. CREDIT: Brian Stevens/ CRAZY CAKES. Received 11/01/10 for 1103crazycakes.

Pine Wood Derby workshops

Hello Scouts and parents:

To prepare for the PWD, Pack 104 will be holding workshops at the craft shack at Camp Hermes. They will be held on the dates listed below from 6:00pm to 8:00pm We will be providing tools for the scouts to work on the cars that they have designed. Scouts will require a parent or guardian to be present as we will be working with some power tools


Febuary 13 workshop

Febuary 15 workshop

Febuary 27 workshop

March 01   tune-up and weigh-in

Holiday Food Drive

So It sounds like we rounded up around 1500 pounds of food for local families in need. That is a lot of food! Great job to everyone who participated and thank you to all the families that donated food.



Ben and our newest Bear Scout, Gunther, handing out flyersfood_drive